Thank you so much for your interest in speaking at
Be Sage Conference!

Please keep in mind the following:
This is a conference for experienced wedding and event professionals. We are seeking speakers who can speak to the challenges of people who have been in business ~5+ years. We are NOT seeking speakers for entry-level topics.

We are seeking speakers to share business knowledge relevant to all segments of the industry. We think the creative aspects of this industry are SO IMPORTANT... but, that's not what this conference is about. We are seeking speakers who can speak about topics NOT being discussed in the wedding industry. We are looking for ways to broaden the education of people who are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

A great way for us to know you, is to meet you. Join us at one of our workshops or at Be Sage Conference. This isn't a requirement for our speakers, BUT if we can meet you in person and see you in action, there is a greater chance that we'll take note of how you can educate our community.

We want speakers who can fully participate in our 3 day conference. We find that sharing a meal with someone is one of the best ways to learn from them. This conference is about collaboration.

While it's not a requirement, it's helpful if you do have speaking experience. Share with us your public speaking experience. (AND - if you'd love to get some experience in this area, we highly recommend any and all local organizations. That's how we got started 8 years ago! That experience has been very valuable for us.)

Fill out the following information so that we can learn more about you!
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How is this different? How is it relevant to an experienced business owner?

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