Sage Wedding Pros wants to help bring Thursday Therapy to your city!
We will provide you with all the tools necessary to make this a success.
Here's what you need to do:

1. Please read everything at:

2. Apply Below.

3. We will review your application against our criteria.

4. If we feel like you and your business are ready to take on Thursday Therapy, we'll contact you for an interview and review your references.
What is your full name? *

What is your business name and website? *

When did you launch your business?

We like our hosts to have a couple years under their belts. We've seen that our hosts who have 2 years in business thrive better.
Please list a co-applicant here (if you have one):

You'll want them to fill out a separate application too.
What city would you like to host Thursday Therapy in?

Can you commit to the following:

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What is your involvement in the wedding industry?

Do you have a good base network of ~5-10ish people who work in weddings? Thursday Therapy is about quality connections - not quantity. However, we've found that certain markets are very difficult to launch if the new host doesn't have a base of 'friendors' (vendors that are friends). Tell us a little about your relationships in the industry.
Why do you want to be a Thursday Therapy host?

Feel free to expand your thoughts and gush here. :)
Please list 3 references (names and emails).

By sharing these references with us you agree to have us contact them should we feel that you may be a good match for Thursday Therapy.
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